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Flurmonz Quirinius

Quinn is another amazing boy from Judy Fomby, he has a lovely laid back nature/temperament and is pretty much a "gentle" giant.  I am very excited to see what kittens I get from him in the future.   


Blue (classic) Tabby

- Agouti (A/a)

- Dilute (d/d) 

Anjayma Cinnabar of Kasabrook (imp Aus) (Cinna)

Cinna is a new addition to my breeding programme, bred by Angela Watson in Australia.  I am so grateful to Angela to allow me to get such a beautiful boy from her.

Cinna is growing into a lovely boy, although he is a little shy, he is very loving once he's gotten to know you. Cinna has produced some beautiful kittens.

Red (Mackerel) Tabby

- Agouti (A/A) - will have tabby kittens

- Dilute (D/D) - does not carry dilute

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