Kasabrook Maine coons

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gold double grand champion - FLURMONZ GARVANTUA

Garvantua is the most amazing boy with a beautiful nature.  I am very grateful to Judy Formby who has allowed me to own this magnificent boy.

He took out the top NZ Cat Fancy Longhair Entire Cat of the Year in 2016.

2019 - Garvantua was confirmed clear of Hip Dyplasia and also scanned clear of HCM

Red Silver (Classic) Tabby

- Agouti (Aa) - will have tabby and non tabby kittens

- Carries Dilute (Dd)

Anjayma Cinnabar of Kasabrook (imp Aus)

Cinna is a new addition to my breeding programme.  Bred by Angela Watson in Australia. 

Cinna is growing into a lovely boy, although he is a little shy, he is very loving once he's gotten to know you.  I am hoping to have some beautiful kittens from him in the future.

Red (Mackerel) Tabby
- Agouti (AA) - will have tabby kittens
- Does not carry Dilute (DD)